Results for January 2018 on

  • Southern Counties Veterans AC Indoor Championships (incorporating Veterans AC Championships 3k walk), Lee Valley 18 February 2018 23-02-18
  • VAC at South Norwood parkrun, 17 February 2018 18-02-18
  • Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 10 February 2018 13-02-18
  • VAC Cross Country Championships and Masters Open race, Wimbledon Common 20 January 2018 28-01-18

Southern Counties Veterans AC Indoor Championships (incorporating Veterans AC Championships 3k walk), Lee Valley 18 February 2018

3k indoor track

1 [1] David Annetts           North Herts        M50       14:44.68
2 [3] John Hall                   Belgrave             M65       16:39.46
3 [6] Peter Hannell            SWC                   M75       22:24.07

Square brackets denote position in combined race

Another day, another win, another PB for Dave Annetts.

VAC at South Norwood parkrun, 17 February 2018

South Norwood parkrun: VAC runners, left to right: Andy Murray, Ros Tabor, William Fordham, John Carter, Mike Mann, Jane Hughes, Jo Quantrill, Maggie Statham, Richard Pitcairn-Knowles


10 VAC members went to this fairly new parkrun in South London for our latest ‘mob match’ outing.
The course is 2 laps on stony paths round the country park. It is still quite a small event so we were all able to run freely from the start. Conditions were good, with little or no wind. The puddles could be avoided. There is one small hill on each lap.

VAC members set the following age group records:

Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85
Ros Tabor W65
Maggie Statham W60
Mike Mann 1st M65 22.53 76.18%
Ros Tabor 1st W65 23.54 90.17%
Andy Murray 2nd M60 23.58 69.33%
Maggie Statham 1st W60 24.18 83.40%
Bill Fordham 3rd M65 24.47 68.33%
Jo Quantrill 2nd W60 24.58 78.84%
John Carter 1st M70 26.46 69.61%
Jane Hughes 1st W55 27.03 68.76%
Sarah Allen 4th W50 28.58 60.87%
Richard Pitcairn-Knowles 1st M85 33.49 71.86%

We try and choose parkruns from different localities around London, so as many members as possible have a chance to join in. The next event scheduled is Hampstead Heath parkrun on Saturday 9 June.

Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 10 February 2018

Tony Harran, Barry Attwell, Gary Ironmonger and Vic Maughn

Gary Ironmonger, first VAC

Gary Budinger

Andy Murray and Team Manager, Paddy Clark, tend to the gazebo

Eight VAC men started the final match of the series at a cold and muddy Lloyd Park. Constant rain made the usual slippery two lap, 5 mile, course even more challenging. Gary Ironmonger was first home for VAC in a great 7th place in Division Four, and 1st M55. The trio of Vic Maughn, Barry Attwell and Tony Harran held firm in the top half of the racers to take valuable places. Vic was 2nd M55 and Barry was 1st M60. Andy Murray and Carey Gray followed, reversing their usual finish order, with Andy ahead of Carey this match. Gary Budinger wasn’t far behind. VAC’s 8th starter, Tony Austin, wisely dropped out, feeling unwell having struggled round the first lap. Perhaps the biggest casualty of the day was the VAC gazebo which finally bent its legs and succumbed to the wind and rain, having sheltered us well throughout the season.

With three men short of a full team, VAC finished in 10th position on the day. This brought us in at 8th overall, with a total score of 2680.5 in the final standings, but tantalisingly close to Elmbridge in 7th, with only 1.5 points difference. The Surrey League also makes awards to leading individuals in the M40-49, M50-59 and M60 age groups. VAC’s Gary Ironmonger won the silver medal in the M50 category with his four great performances. Carey Gray and Andy Murray also ran in every fixture. Carey hasn’t missed a match since 2011!

Thanks go to Paddy Clark, the team manager, who has marshalled the team, provided the essential practical support and kept spirits high.

VAC Placings, Division Four, Lloyd Park
Race Pos. Time Name Age Group Age Grp. Position
7 32:22 Gary Ironmonger M55 1
32 35:26 Vic Maughn M55 2
36 36:05 Barry Attwell M60 1
45 36:47 Tony Harran M55 5
94 42:44 Andy Murray M60 4
97 43:20 Carey Gray M55 11
102 45:18 Gary Budinger M55 13
DNF Tony Austin M60
115 finishers

Division 4 Team results, Lloyd Park
1 Holland Sports 228.
2 Collingwood 296.
3 Horley Harriers 419.
4 Runnymede Runners 471.
5 British Airways 574.
6 Windrush AC 608.
7 Lingfield Runners 618.
8 Wild Trail Runners 628.5.
9 Barnes Runners 687.
10 VAC 717.5.
11 Elmbridge 989.
12 Epsom Oddballs 1024.

Division 4: Final Overall Team Results
1 Collingwood 1300.
2 Runnymede Runners 1476.
3 Holland Sports 1584.
4 Horley Harriers 1905.
5 Wild Trail Runners 2155.5.
6 Windrush AC 2642.
7 Elmbridge 2679.
8 VAC 2680.5.
9 Lingfield Runners 2936.
10 British Airways 2954.
11 Barnes Runners 3042.
12 Epsom Oddballs 3686.

Full results of the Division 3/4 match and team placings are here.

VAC Cross Country Championships and Masters Open race, Wimbledon Common 20 January 2018

VAC CC Champs, the starting line-up (photo by Stephanie Burchill)

Margaret Moody, Maggie Statham, Ros Tabor, Penny Forse, Andy Murray (photo by Martin Berry)

Ros Tabor, Margaret Moody, Fiona Russell, Maggie Statham, Carol Jones, Patricia Thomas (photo by Martin Berry)

Fifty runners completed the 4.5 mile course on Wimbledon Common in the worst rain that most could remember for VAC’s championship race. The two-lap course presented a tough challenge with deep puddles, muddy swathes and soggy sand on the horse-ride hill.

Paul Cheetham won the race in a time of 25:31, only 21 seconds short of the M45 course record, set in much more favourable conditions. Fellow M45, Gary Towers, was second, only 19 seconds behind, having been in the lead for a while. In third place came Dan Hallam, first M40, in 27:07, closely followed by first M55, Gary Ironmonger, in 27:15. Terry Booth had a great run, finishing 9th to win the M50 Gold medal. Peter Giles was also in good form and in drier conditions would surely have broken his own M70 course record, which he missed by just 18 seconds. Barry Attwell and Mike Mann won the M60 and M65 Golds. Although it wasn’t a day for breaking records, a brand new M85 age-group record was posted by Richard Pitcairn-Knowles. His time of 52:30 was faster than his M80 record of 52:46 set in 2016!

For the women, Tracy Galbraith from Eastern Veterans led the way, finishing in a good time of 31:16, taking the W50 Open Gold medal. First for VAC was Lucy Woolhouse, the W55 Gold medallist, in a time of 31:38, holding her own in a fine battle for places as she and four men all finished in a six second burst. Marie Synnott-Wells (W50), Fiona Russell (W45), Margaret Moody (W65), Maggie Statham (W60) and Lesley Bowcott (W70) all won Gold medals in their age groups.

Special thanks on such a wet day go to the officials and helpers.

Finish Line: Stephanie Burchill, Maurice Doogan, Tom Richards, Don Turner
Registration: Martin Berry, Maggie Statham
Results: Peter Kennedy, Janet Kennedy
Marshals: Joe Aspinall, Paddy Clark, Dennis Williams
Course setters: Mike Mann, Andy Murray, Dennis Williams 
Medical Support: Alison Jones

VAC Cross Country Championships, Wimbedon Common, 20 January 2018
Pos. Bib Time Name Age Gp. Club VAC pos. OPEN pos. First Claim Club
1 54 25:31 Paul Cheetham M45 VAC M45-1 Barnes Runners
2 7 25:49 Gary Towers M45 VAC M45-2 Eton Manor AC
3 3 27:07 Dan Hallam M40 VAC M40-1 Herne Hill Harriers
4 42 27:15 Gary Ironmonger M55 VAC M55-1 Herne Hill Harriers
5 12 27:34 Tony Tuohy M55 VAC M55-2 Dulwich Runners AC
6 51 28:06 Rob Marcus M40 Guest M40-2 Walton AC
7 43 28:25 Len Reilly M55 VAC M55-3 Kent AC
8 58 28:34 Felix Allen M45 VAC M45-3 Hercules Wimbledon AC
9 8 30:28 Terry Booth M50 VAC M50-1 Guildford & Godalming AC
10 29 31:16 Tracy Galbraith W50 EVAC W50-1 Oxford City AC
11 10 31:26 Andrew Simms M50 VAC M50-2 Herne Hill Harriers
12 9 31:33 Philip Cross M50 VAC M50-3 Woking AC
13 50 31:34 James Bartosik M35 Guest M35-1 Walton AC
14 49 31:36 Tony Harran M55 VAC M55-4 Herne Hill Harriers
15 33 31:38 Lucy Woolhouse W55 VAC W55-1 Veterans AC
16 22 31:39 Peter Giles M70 VAC M70-1 Hercules Wimbledon AC
17 56 31:50 Barry Attwell M60 VAC M60-1 South London Harriers
18 47 31:57 Victor Maughn M55 VAC M55-5 Herne Hill Harriers
19 41 32:00 Tom Cheetham M50 Guest M50-4 Hercules Wimbledon AC
20 53 32:03 Richard Clark M60 VAC M60-2 Hercules Wimbledon AC
21 55 32:34 Andrew Masters M40 Guest M40-3 Lewes AC
22 46 32:36 Matteo Maino M50 Guest M50-5 Barnes Runners
23 19 32:52 Michael Mann M65 VAC M65-1 Dulwich Runners AC
24 20 32:58 Stephen Plested M65 VAC M65-2 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
25 31 33:06 Cathy Stewart W50 SCVAC W50-2 Aldershot Farnham & District AC
26 44 33:31 Marie Synnott-Wells W50 VAC W50-1 Ranelagh Harriers
27 27 33:46 Fiona Russell W45 VAC W45-1 Mornington Chasers
28 18 33:52 Peter Kennedy M65 VAC M65-3 Lewes AC
29 4 34:17 Trevor Robinson M40 EVAC M40-4 Dagenham 88 Runners
30 32 34:59 Patricia Thomas W50 VAC W50-2 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
31 30 35:12 Mary Setyabule W50 VAC W50-3 Herne Hill Harriers
32 36 35:18 Penny Forse W65 SCVAC W65-1 Stubbington Green Runners
33 38 35:30 Margaret Moody W65 VAC W65-1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC
34 23 35:39 Roger Green M70 VAC M70-2 Woodford Green with Essex Ladies
35 34 35:55 Maggie Statham W60 VAC W60-1 Holland Sports AC
36 39 35:58 Ros Tabor W65 VAC W65-2 Dulwich Runners AC
37 15 36:07 Andy Murray M60 VAC M60-3 Dulwich Runners AC
38 6 36:30 Gareth George M45 VAC M45-4 Epsom & Ewell Harriers
39 37 37:35 Jane Georghiou W65 VAC W65-3 Farnham Runners
40 45 37:41 Carol Jones W60 VAC W60-2 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
41 13 38:23 Anthony Austin M60 VAC M60-4 Hercules Wimbledon AC
42 14 39:03 Martin Garrett M60 VAC M60-5 Sudbury Court RC
43 11 39:28 Ian Strong M55 VAC M55-6 Epsom Oddballs RC
44 21 39:37 John Carter M70 VAC M70-3 Wimbledon Windmilers
45 48 39:39 Jo Quantrill W60 VAC W60-3 South London Harriers
46 28 41:38 Sarah Allen W50 VAC W50-4 Herne Hill Harriers
47 40 44:02 Lesley Bowcott W70 VAC W70-1 Wimbledon Windmilers
48 57 44:36 Christine Munden W45 Guest W45-2 Thames Valley Harriers
49 52 47:05 Bill O'Connor M70 VAC M70-4 Queens Park Harriers
50 25 52:30 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85 VAC M85-1 Sevenoaks AC